Email Blast

Email Blast

You can stay informed about happenings in the 75 FSS while also winning prizes! Simply sign up to our blast with your email below, and you will receive two weekly emails, each with a Quiz & Win you can reply to for a chance to win gift cards or other prizes.

About the blast:

If you wish to unsubscribe a non-DOD email from our distribution list, feel free to reply to any email with a request for us to do so.

DOD emails linked to Hill AFB cannot be removed from the distribution list by 75 FSS, so if you have PCS’d from Hill, please contact your computer manager or IT department to update your address in Outlook.

The email blast is only for 75FSS event advertising. If you are interested in advertising non-FSS events or organizations, please explore other paid options with the 75FSS Marketing Department here.