New Base Employee

New Base Employee

Attention, Team Hill’s “New Beginnings Employees” (DPMAP)! Many of you have attended the recent DPMAP training or have taken the course online. As promised, we want to ensure you have the most recent links to DPMAP resources and our Hill AFB SharePoint.

DoD New Beginnings:

Hill AFB DPMAP Link: Open Link and Click on “New Beginnings (DPMAP) under Documents on left column:

AF MyPers New Beginning:,3/c/861

DoDI 1400.25V431_AFI36-1002, Performance Management and Appraisal Program Administration in the Air Force:

AFGM2017-36-01, Air Force Guidance Memorandum Establishing Performance Management Program Closeout and Interim Performance Management and Appraisal Cycle Guidance:

DD Form 2906, Department of Defense Civilian Performance Plan, Progress Review and Appraisa:

MyPerformance Tool in MyBiz:

Web-Based Training – JKO:

AFPC MyPers Civilian Performance Plan Writing Webcast Slides:,3

AFPC MyPers Position Hierarchy Article: ,