Personal Financial Readiness Program

Personal Financial Readiness Program

The Airman & Family Readiness Center offers information, education, and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness and build resiliency in preparation for life’s various financial situations. Active duty, reserve, guard, retirees, and dependents are eligible to receive our services.

Financial Education Workshops Include

  • Blended Retirement System
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Budgeting/Spending Plan
  • Ditch the Dorm
  • Investing
  • Financial transitioning, credit reports/scores, projected post separation budget (as part of 5 day TAP workshop)
  • Monthly Financial Lunch-n-Learns
  • Military Saves Week (various topics taught)
  • Miscellaneous other topics throughout the year
  • We can conduct briefings at your unit as well

One-on-One Financial Counseling Topics

  • Budgeting/Spending Plan
  • Managing credit and debt problems
  • Moving out of the dorm financial analysis
  • Pulling/reviewing credit reports
  • Blended Retirement System
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Car Buying

Personal Financial Counselor

(Part of the Military Family Life Financial Counselor Program)

The PFC can provide one-on-one confidential personal financial counseling to help you and your family manage finances, resolve financial problems and reach long-term goals such as getting an education, buying a home or planning for retirement. Email or call (801) 360-6725 to schedule an appointment.

First Duty Station Financial Information

Per AFI-36-3009, A&FRC will provide mandatory first duty station officer and enlisted personnel information to maintain financial stability and reach financial goals.

A&FRC Hours

Mon & Tues
0730 – 1630

0730 – 1330

Thu & Fri
0730 – 1630

Sat & Sun

Closed AFMC Family Days and all Federal Holidays.


(801) 777-4681


5837 D Ave., Bldg. 150

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