Youth Programs

Winner of the 2018 HQ AFMC Child & Youth Services Flight Award!

Youth Programs

The mission of Youth Programs is to enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The program provides a safe place to learn and grow, encourages ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals, and creates life-enhancing programs and character development experiences and opportunities.

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Open Recreation (Ages 9-18)

Safe, age-appropriate activities that help youth develop strength and confidence while in a healthy and sound environment.

Sports Program (Ages 3-13)

Teaches basic skills young people need to play various youth sports in a safe and nurturing environment with equal participation.

Instructional Program (Ages 5-18)

Classes provided to youth to develop extracurricular skills, such as martial arts or instrumental classes.

School Age Care Program (Ages 5-12)

Supervised recreational, educational, social, and cultural programs for youth in a safe and healthy environment.

Youth Sponsorship

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Hours (Reception)

Mon – Fri

Sat & Sun

Closed AFMC Family Days and all Federal Holidays.


(801) 777-2419


7712 6th St., Bldg. 883

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Dress Code for All Programs

Halter tops and spaghetti straps are not permitted. Shirts must cover the midriff. Garments should not contain inappropriate slogans or advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or include sexually suggestive content or text. Pants will not be worn in a manner that shows undergarments. Shorts must be no shorter than finger-tip length, measured from the middle finger. Closed-toe shoes are highly recommended for Open Recreation.