Sports Program

Sports Program

Hill AFB Youth Sports Program Mission is to teach the basic skills which young people need to play various youth sports in a safe and nurturing environment, where all children receive an equal chance to participate, regardless of skill level.

Start Smart is a program created by NAYS (National Alliance for Youth Sports) — Prepares children ages 3-4 for organized sports in a FUN, non-threatening environment

 Jr. NBA Basketball Ages 3-13 years old 

Baseball & T-Ball Ages 3-13 years old 

Soccer Ages 3-13 years old 

NFL Flag Football Ages 7-13 years old 

Additional Sports Programs and Activities: MLB Pitch, Hit & Run America’s Kids Fun Run NFL Punt, Pass & Kick

PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY: Hill Air Force Base has established an excellent approach to encourage a wide variety of desired outcomes to occur through participation in our Youth Sports programs. These fundamental goals include:

  • Develop positive personal, social, and psychological skills.
  • Obtain enjoyment through recreation
  • Develop physical fitness and self- worth
  • Develop the physical skills to enhance the likelihood of participation in physical activities throughout life
  • Learn and develop the rules and strategies of an organized team, and individual sports
  • Develop respect for rules as a facilitator of safe and fair competition
  • Promote sports as an alternative to drug, alcohol, and tobacco use as a way to recreate, escape from reality or enhance performance
  • Promote interaction with positive role models and other children